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Your business deserves the best – whether it is commercial plant displays, window cleaner services, commercial landscaping or any sort of ground care in Luton. Our huge catalogue of services has all that you would ever desire for the commercial landscape of your business.

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Looking for the best commercial landscaping service in Luton?

NL Group Services believes displaying plants creatively to enrich commercial places and industrial spaces elevates the image of a brand in the view of visitors and clients. Therefore, recreating your outer landscape or integrating commercial plant displays in your indoor workplace would create a real emphasis on branding. The commercial landscaping contrasts with the concrete architecture of the existing building, resulting in an environment that is tranquil yet exceptional. If you are looking for that unique experience, you are in the right place! We not only help you set up a new commercial display; in fact, we diversify in maintenance services. For instance, our expertise will be at your service if you require a commercial window cleaner in Luton.

Why choose us?

When you trust us, we give you countless good reasons to refer us to your friends and family. We are a highly reputable landscaping service provider operating for more than 15 years now! We offer several high-tech effects to the commercial plant displays and ground care in Luton.

Our in-house design team is undoubtedly professionally competitive and experienced, so you can trust that your final product will come out ideally. And so, we take pride in being the best window cleaners in Luton using the latest window cleaning methods.

Reliable. Dependable. Affordable.

All of our services are as reliable and dependable as our customer care team. Whether you call us right in the morning, or late after evening snacks, we’ll be there to serve you. Commitment and passion for delivering the best quality services drive our employees and us every day. Our services are affordable and can be booked very conveniently. All you have to do is to fill a short application or write to us directly on our email provided in the contact details. Plus, you can make a call right away, and our team will get back to you personally in 2-4 business days. For urgent services, tag your queries with the word ‘urgent’. You can also request a site visit, and for that, you’d simply have to provide us with the exact location of your commercial site.