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What are tree surgery services? Professional tree surgery services

The term tree surgeon is used customarily in the UK because many of its counties are rampant with heavily wooded areas. A tree surgeon is essentially any gardener in Milton Keynes who deals specifically with the health of individual trees instead of large vegetations. The most common service associated with this discipline is the professional removal of trees which have become diseased, are dead or just unwanted.

What does a tree surgeon do?

As mention tree surgery involves looking after individual trees and often large shrubs as well. There are other responsibilities too in addition to removal of trees such as treatment of disease. Tree surgeons have special equipment with which they can scan natural structures and inspect disease or damage which may otherwise be undetectable. They also prune and trim, remove low hanging branches and perform services that encourage the growth of trees. Some of the services include:

Tree felling: it is the mechanical removal of trees that requires sophisticated equipment such as saws, climbing tools and harnesses. It is a dangerous job and should be done by experts who are trained to fell trees in a safe and controlled environment.

Crown reduction: tree surgery services such as this is used by domestic and commercial customers. It is essential for tree health to trim and prune them so that they don’t become prone to diseases.

Crown lifting: it is similar to reduction; however, it is mostly done on commercial grounds as it thins out thick upper canopies. This provides the tree with more space, more sunlight, access to water and reduces chances of disease and pests.

Tree pollarding: it is an extensive removal or branches to give a tree a chance to grow back stronger than before. It keeps woodland healthy, prevents diseases and detects any potential damage areas.

Benefits of tree surgery services

If you feel that tree surgery is not a worthy investment, then the following benefits may enlighten you.

Aesthetic improvement

Nature provides beauty and restores calm to the soul, but if your property is burdened by damaged or dying trees, then that reduces its appeal drastically. An attractive landscape can only be maintained long term if professional help is employed and in case of a tree that translates to tree surgeons.


Personal and property safety is a top priority for everyone, which is why tree surgery services are highly recommended to get rid of dying trees that pose a threat in any way.

Increased property value

A well-maintained landscape could boost your property value significantly. A well-managed lawn or commercial grounds mean higher investment returns on the property for the new owners.

Tree preservation

Old and ancient trees are highly sought after since they offer shade and it is easier to look after existing trees than to plant new ones and wait for them to mature.

Gardeners in Milton Keynes can help you with all your tree surgery needs. You would be lucky to have them by your side if you want to preserve the tree your children swing on or give your business an edge by providing a well maintained commercial ground.




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