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Top 5 Essential Spring Gardening Tips

Gardens are a source of joy, but during the harsh winter months, it turns into stress which has to be tackled with when the birds start chirping, and the sun is shining. Bringing your garden back to life is one of life’s pleasures, and with the right tools by your side, this could turn into a rewarding experience. Whether it’s your personal little backyard vegetable garden or commercial landscaping, spring cleaning will be your saving grace.

The following essential gardening tips can keep your garden looking dewy fresh, and you can thoroughly see the fruit of your labours when the pretty flowers bloom.

Survey the garden

When starting to take note of what needs to be done, it is crucial to assess the trees first and cut off any overhanging tree limbs. The mid-level cutting comes next, which includes eliminating last year’s foliage and throw it in the compost heap. The ground plane is the last bit that should be taken care of starting with raking the mulch from bed with planted bulbs and refreshing mulch in other areas after the soil warms.

Tune your tools

The tools need a good brush up after the winter has passed so that they are in good shape when it’s time to work. Bypass pruners benefit from a sharpening and wooden handles from being cleaned, sanded and massaged with linseed oil. They say that a workman is as good as his tools, so if you want that pretty garden, then landscape gardeners in Milton Keyes are your best bet.

Lawn refreshment

Your grass needs special attention in the springtime so your focus should be on your turf. Have the lawnmower and leaf blower serviced, refill the mower with oil, install new spark plugs and lubricate the moving parts if required. Remove the winter remnants from the lawn and reseed areas before mowing.

Prepare new beds

You can create new beds or just refresh the ones that are already present; the most important thing is to dig the soil to oxygenate it and add amendments so that it jump starts the creation of lush soil. Planting from bare-root offers the full advantage of the perfect planting time for many plants such as fruit trees, hostas, roses and lilies.


After a long period of hibernation, your garden will appreciate a little fuel upon waking up—a balanced fertiliser or fish emulsion around shrubs and trees when new growth appears. High-acid fertiliser and pine-needle mulch are ideal for acid-loving shrubs like azaleas, blueberries, and camellias or citrus. Fertilise the perennials when active growth resumes.

These essential gardening tips can be the start of a beautiful spring where you can fully appreciate nature’s beauty as it was meant to be. Landscape gardeners in Milton Keyes can help you with heavy-duty stuff in case you have a big area or commercial land which could benefit from experts with green thumbs. You will have the best looking garden in the neighbourhood, so do share these tips when you get asked your secret of your lush green lawn.


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